Puzzled (7): Issue Pile Up

Puzzled (7): Issue Pile Up

Sometimes we hit data overload.  Too many things have happened.  Too many things have been said. And we are stuck not able to say or do anything. We have to stop and look at the issue pile up, unload and decipher what was confusing.  Above is a chart that deals with unloading and deciphering issues.  Think of a time you were recently perplexed and answer the questions.  If you have a different way of organizing issues that is better for you, draw up your own chart.

Section 1
-Why am I stuck?
-What am I confused about?
-What has been said to think about?

Section 2
-What do I need to know?
-Who do I contact?
-What do I need to set aside?

Section 3
-What needs to be done?
-Are my motivations and actions in integrity?
-Do I want this to be successful?

Section 4
-What was the solution?
-What keeps the solution altruistic and complete?
-What needs to be looked at later?

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