Love: Lovers

Love:  Lovers

Lovers love is fantastic, but it needs to be accompanied by friendship love or unconditional love for longevity.  This is the love we seek in dates, long luxurious phone conversations, and adventurous vacations.  Lovers love has intrigue, chemistry, and then the questions of: Will this be serious?  Should there be a larger committment?  Should I leave without an explanation to not upturn my life?  Lovers love is the connection and ‘je ne sais quoi’ that gets us to look great.   Does my lover match the family I’m from and the family I want to have?  Will my lover be interested or available every day?  Can we each adapt to very different interests, schedules, and values?  Sometimes romance is an experience that is coveted and stored away like treasured photographs.  It says we are beautiful, adventurous and fun.  Sometimes we need a new romance to break up our everyday routine. 

Conversely, putting lovers love into your perfect, family-accepted relationship can be a challenge.  All the work schedules and family commitments maintain presidence.  Innovating the spice of chemistry takes time and boundaries to cultivate.  You need to be daring, flirty, and exude confidence to meet your goal.  And after a few successes, you keep that daring as part of your individual, which confuses the family, and sets you apart.  Lovers love is almost always just between you and your lover.

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