What is God? (part 4): Life

God as Life tells us many things:
· we can work like a bird building a family nest;
· we can party like human teenagers;
· we can be violent like earthqakes and typhoons;
· we can be infinite like the planet, sun, and outer space sky. 
We need expression to live.  We need tenacity and creativity to survive.  And we need others, to make life worthwhile and questionable at the same time. 

Life as God tells us the full scope of what we value, and how life values itself as it evolves or devolves.  Artist M.C. Escher made a woven staircase (in a figure 8 turned on its side), in which half the people were climbing up and half the people were climbing down.  The optical illusion is that they are the same, and could be flipped to be the same.  The staircase is a great representation of life without awareness: it is fine, and not, and it doesn’t matter.  It continues and it doesn’t.  Choice is the key, on many levels, to quality of life:
· the choice to thrive;
· the choice to move forward;
· the choice to do what is right;
· the choice to love;
· the choice to provide for family and the future.
Some people don’t want to live, but they want to do what is right, so their health will lag, but they will be ethical.  Everyone is the summation of their life choices.

God as Life tells what we enjoy, value and want.  It is the luxury of Will and Willingness having enough time and matter to play.  Those lives are over-the-top extravaganzas.  Matter follows Will and Willingness and isn’t disappointed as it stocks up on experience.  It gains discipline, audacity, and versatility among other things.  Matter has to be sure not to abandon its own needs.  Will and Willingness have to be sure not to abandon Balance, and all is fine.

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