What is God? (part 3): All of Us

God as all of us is a very dynamic constuct.  It means that we have to be and live our ideals to ever have them revisit us.  Things like altruism, generosity, empathy, wisdom, caring, and sharing are a necessity in a God-based society.  We have to participate in positive exchange in order to find it.  We have to practice positive exchange in normal situations, in order to find positive exchange in extenuating circumstances, and vice versa.  If we practice bravery, discipline, patience, right interference, acceptance, and self-maintenance, we will have the resulting negotiated self and society.

As an individual, I want to take a look at the kind of life I live and want to live.  If I want to live with honest intellectuals, I will build myself as an honest intellectual, or one who is in society with honest intellectuals.  If I value and thrive on physical labor, I will find others who provide and value that work.  Separately, I want to prepare for emergencies:  I want friends, family, and a basic society that I can count on.  Therefore, I need to be the friend, family member and member of society that others can count on.  I want pay my bills, so I can depend on business and customer service when something goes wrong.  I want my banking and my job to not have conflicts, so I need to not cause conflicts.  In essence, expect and provide quality for quality.

On a social scale, God as all of us equates to positive systems of government, business, religion, social entertainment, and health.  All of these systems are designed to be constructive and to fit together cohesively.  They are adaptable and changeable.  If any system fails, it is shored up or readapted by the other systems, so that there is not a gap.  They are interdependent and interrelated.

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