What is God? (part 1): Infinite Possibility

God is either something we can’t talk about because there is no agreement, or something we can’t get enough of in our lives.  One definition of God is the Infinite Possiblities we have, and the Bridge of Transcendence we use to reach them.  God, then, is the best of what could be and the means to get there.

Many people reference this God by praying for help, meditating for clarity, and asking guides for information.  If they are sincere forward-moving people, they will find help, clarity and information.  When they act on it, they will either find the complete answer to their concern, or they will feel directed to return to prayer, meditation, and guides for the next step.  These ways to connect turn into continuing practices because they are constructive, and they keep a running dialog with people’s lives.

Transcendence is the challenge or trials to ACT on all that applies to your life.  Example: if you always fight with your mother, you may be guided to change that dynamic, by not letting what she says concern you.  This may be extraordinarily difficult, and you may need to pray for strength and distraction to manifest this.  But then you finally break the habit to realize she is human too, and you don’t have any right to expect more of her then yourself.  Now you have more maturity, a better perspective and a sense of proportion.  Separately, you have built trust with your God guidance.

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