Reads (5): Balance

Reads (5): Balance

Balance is denoted by the best proportion of all things in alliance and juxtaposed.  The balance of all things in alliance is about diversity, and looks like the many slices of a pie graph showing populations.  All individuals and populations have similar needs and competing interests.  A juxtaposed balance is about the level of adversity that makes us stronger vs. the level of adversity that leaves us weak.  Everything getting to life struggles with the initial effort until it finds patterns of success.  Later, most mature with the knowing of experience.

Reading the Balance of all things in Alliance is a combination of:
· What do we think, want, feel?
· What do others think, want, feel?
· What makes sense?
· Does the end result justify the means followed? 
It is a matter of looking from different vantage points to see what is, and what should be.

Reading the Balance of Juxtaposition is how to conquer the largest unsolvables, and challenge ourselves:
· Does life have to be this difficult? 
· Am I getting so comfortable I won’t reach my next hurdle? 
· How do I build up strengths where I’m weak?
· How do I maintain a balance of power with others? 
These are the projects or initiatives we pursue to build strength.

The final thing to note about Balance is that it is always changing.  It is not set.  There is always a formula of rebalance in action as things change.


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