Reads(2): What Do You Know?

Reads(2): What Do You Know?

With Reads you pick the level or venue of what you want to know.  Knowing everything, which is greatly romanticized and demonized, is mostly a logistical impossibility.  Your knowing is based on your personality, heredity, socialization, individual choices and the life that befalls you. 

What do you want to know and organize as your inner library and expertise outer?

You may have had 10 operations and be an expert on healing with discipline, which you published.  Your father’s line may have wooed everyone and their brother, while your mother knew how to capture and keep her man.  So you counsel others on their options with your innate knowing.  What is your expertise?  What is the bain of your existence that it would behoove you to learn a solution to? 

Choose to organize the library you have and to organize the chaos that haunts you.  The more you clean up, the more room and self-esteem you will have for complementary experiences of rest, play and socializing.  Making these commitments build your willpower and strength.





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