Psyche Yoga (part 6): HUNGER

I crave solitude.  I crave company.  I crave answers.  I crave the questions that frame the answers.  I crave mystery.  I crave the quiet of the wind. 
I crave _____(fill in)________.

I desire to find desire.  I desire fulfillment.  I desire a captivating destiny.  I desire my mate.  I desire companionship.  I desire hot days and cold ice cream. 
I desire ______(fill in)______.

I yearn for sincerity, truth and justice.  I yearn for meaning.  I yearn for the ideal future to meet us day by day.  I yearn for sanity to always prevale.  I yearn for what is sacred to be kept sacred.
I yearn for ________(fill in)_______.

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