Vantage Points

1)  We like vacations because we get to leave and experience something new as a gift to ourselves, OR to our couple, OR to our family.  It is ideal.  I spent a lot of money and / or planning to get a long break.  First I can crash all my high-strung anxieties and productivity.  Then I get to escape and create the most perfect or dramatic time that I, and my companions can afford.  And so, I escape and return rejeuvenated with a relaxed demeanor and fresh vantage point.

2)  That is why people like the mountains or the valleys, because the proportion tells them what they wanted to know — that there is something greater, AND that they are in symmetry and proportion to that greater something.  From those places of awe the view is great, and the ability to think with a larger viewpoint is priceless.  You and your companions will experience a state of perception that is transcendent.  Don’t ruin it for each other .  Be quiet and enjoy the time to ask questions and process things for yourself.

3)  Sometimes we are stuck in a rotten place that we earned, and we try to fight it.  For once don’t.  Be willing to see what that is.  Say: ‘Okay, I’m wrong.  I’ve done some rotten stuff.  I’m due some retribution without retaliation.’  You’ll think you went weak,  but the truth is that owning up to your responsibilities helps you grow to larger opportunities.  So be wrong and stuck.  Accept the opportunity to evaluate yourself and the situation.  And then let it go and move on.

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