The Eyes Have It

1) What if you took a potato and said you are my God?  You set the potato on an altar, ask it to forgive your sins, and to make everyday things go right.  This potato is inanimate and does not respond to your requests.

2) Now if you took the potato and gave it consciousness and called it God, it might think so.  And then you would be in danger of being controlled and manipulated by the power you gave it.  Don’t  give or send your power away.  You need it.

3) Now what if someone else’s runaway potato God finds you interesting and thinks it should control you?  You have to seriously send the message that you are accountable only to yourself and those you choose always.  Integrate it into your awareness and you will have this little space of annoyance and self-defense when you need it.

4) Now these were silly examples.  But in Real Life, a boss might bother you incessantly when you are away from work.  Your neice or nephew might think you are fun enough to visit when she or he is bored.  You need to create boundaries in awareness that convey this is not an option permanently.

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