Checking On My Kid Self

Check in on the Kid in you to make sure he/she/it is with you, and not stuck behind in some emotional bind.  Did it grow up to appreciate fun as an adult?  Did you remember to keep it with you so you could laugh and play?  Or did you suffocate it to be right for the job?  Negotiate these things, because the more of you that shows up lifeless, the less life you will experience and have inside and outside.

Let’s check on the kid in us and see what it is up to:
ADULT:  So how are things going?
KID:  (shrug) I don’t know, okay I guess.
ADULT:  I mean are you happy?  Do you like how you turned out as me?
KID:  You’re okay.  There is no fun, no play, no one to pursue.  Look cute, we need to find someone to pursue.  Let’s get some.
ADULT:  I guess I could get a haircut and a couple shirts.  I smelled a cologne I liked last week.  I could buy a small bottle.

ADULT:  Are you liking life?
KID:  (gripping the ceiling like a scared cat)  It could be better.  Why?
ADULT:  Just wondering.  Nevermind.  Got to go.
KID:  No, wait!  Stop leaving me to contend with your conflicts.  You’re the kid, even though I look like one.  Deal with what you get yourself into.
ADULT:  Well it’s been nice talking.
KID:  I’m leaving.  I need a life and friends, and the ability to grow physically as mature as I am mentally.  Bye.

ADULT:  Hi to my kid.
(no answer)
ADULT:  I guess I am it.  I followed myself to adulthood.

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