Vote for Outer Space Settlement

+ What if we started a program that opened up all our options?
+ What if we had a future to plan for, and get excited about?
+ What if we had new technology to research?
+ What if we had new territory to map and settle?
+ What if we had new products to develop?
+ What if we had new transportation to build?
+ What if we had to work like never before to be qualified and ready?
+ What if it were too dangerous to pursue, but the most rewarding endeavor we would ever embark upon?
+ What if we could expand to where fiction, life and death stories told us?
+ What if we could build societies based on something new?
+ What if the neighborhood bar was the next galaxy over, and you could get there in a minute?
+ What if we could transform to be anything we wanted?
+ What if we left behind all the grief, all the stalled projects, all the harassment, and pursued being, doing and excitement?
+ What if all the priorities made sense because we were finally looking from the right angle – an advanced future?
+ What if we lived in a new environment that we had forever to cultivate?
+ What if everyone had a job, an advanced education, and a universal passport?
+ What if societal outer space travel were in reach within 10 years?
+ What if innovative outer space settlement were in reach within 20 years?

We are conducting a survey of what would interest you about outer space travel and settlement. We want to contact the Federal Government to approve an initiative to design an education-to-work, outer space settlement program. We are looking for a social show of support to help make this possible. Please leave your comments below with your name, city and state where you vote.

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