Bricking It

Bricking It

Relax in your own space almost as if you were going to sleep. 

Turn around. 

You wake up in a dream and you have been asked to brick a wall in front of you.  There are others you know that have to brick their own walls.  Some are famous, and some are people you see everyday.  Each has a pile of bricks and mortar to use.  And you start to place your bricks, generous with the mortar, careful with the placement, snug beside the previous, perfectly offset from the layer below.  And as you place a couple bricks you realize that the goal is for no one to know that you placed these bricks.  That you don’t know who placed the others.  They look uniform and sturdy and that is as it should be.  And you learn how to not include yourself in the bricklaying.  That the action and efficiency of bricklaying is what feeds you.  What you see in front of you is the care of being a part of a larger construct.  You are no better than anyone else and no one else is better than you.  This is the equality of humanity.  Bring this dream back with you.

Turn around to face the room you are in. 

You are fine.  Relax awake.

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