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How Dressing "Hot" Affected My Night

If you know me, you know I get ready for work in 5 minutes, wear shapeless clothes that accentuate the air around me, and┬ásometimes brush my hair. And hey, that’s fine! That’s the way I am! But about twice a year I do a little experiment in which I dress “hot” for the night. What’s... Read more »

How to Date While Riding Public Transportation

How to Date While Riding Public Transportation
Where have you gotten asked out? At a bar? At work? At a coffee shop? What about on public transportation? Recently, I was taking the #50 bus to my parents’ house, because I’m a good daughter who visits her parents when she needs help with things like her taxes. The bus was nearly empty. I... Read more »

My Actual First Kiss

I almost had my first kiss at the age of 20. But a power greater than my hormones had other plans for me. A year after my almost-first-kiss, I was back home from college for Winter break. I was going to comedy open mics trying to improve my┬ánatural talent (and I don’t mean “talent” the... Read more »

How to Date When You're Loved and Respected

A few months ago I was at a comedy open mic at a bar and five guys told me they loved and/or respected me. Not one of them asked me out. That’s fine, I guess. I’m respected. A lot of my female friends have the opposite problem; guys just want to hook up with them,... Read more »

Anton Yelchin, You Were My Surrogate

I was really sad when Anton Yelchin died. He had been the answer to, “Who’s your favorite actor?” for a few years, as well as the background on my computer, so you could say it hurt more for me than most. But I’ve started to wonder why he was my favorite actor. In all honesty,... Read more »

I Think I'm Getting Ghosted

I was all set to tell you about the time I brought an OKCupid date to a comedy open mic, but we’ll have to save that for another day, because I think I’m getting ghosted. If you don’t know what the term “ghost” or “ghosted” means, you’ve lived a charmed life. In all honesty, I... Read more »