That Time I Performed Stand-Up Comedy for Mike Tyson and 400 Other People

That Time I Performed Stand-Up Comedy for Mike Tyson and 400 Other People

A little over a year ago, before I started my post-college job, I took a trip down to LA with my family. While we were planning on doing some tourist-y stuff, the main focus of the trip was to watch my sister be in a new TV show called Superhuman. It’s this competition show specifically designed to make the siblings of the contestants feel bad about themselves. Tonight, her episode premiered.

A little bit about my sister: She has always been better than me at most things. I don’t really care anymore, because I realize we’re different people with different talents. I don’t care! Okay!?!? I swear! She writes crossword puzzles, runs marathons, does fancy computer science mumbo jumbo, had a blog post go viral (totally doesn’t bother me), and lots of other stuff that I don’t have the time or energy to list. In fact, after I did a comedy show a couple weeks ago, and girl came up to me and said, “Are you related to Aimee? I was always a huge fan of her crosswords!” I had a really great set that night, too, but not as good as my sister’s crossword puzzles.

So Aimee was asked to be part of this competition show, Superhuman, to show off her brain, or something like that. The task she had to perform doesn’t matter to me. Something about lights and memorization. We get to the studio, and find out Christina Milian and Mike Tyson are panelists for the show, and Kal Penn is the host. Very exciting stuff (I think. I’m not really into pop culture).

It was a very long day, especially for Mike Tyson. He fell asleep in his chair a couple times. In between set changes, the warm-up comedian (meant to make the audience think less about how long they had been there) told some jokes and chatted with the audience. Since I was in the friends and family section, he especially loved talking to us. I chatted with him about stand-up and the open mic scene in Chicago. About 3/4 of the way through the day, I mentioned to the warm-up comic that I could even perform a little stand-up to the 400-person audience–if he wanted. He told me he’d be happy to let me, once there was a lull in the action.

I anxiously waited several more hours, before he told me I was up. At this point, my sister had already performed her amazing, spectacular skill somehow involving lights, but this post is about me.

I go on stage, all the celebrities in the front row, and start talking. “You guys know me as Aimee’s sister…But my family knows me as…Aimee’s sister”. Wow, hilarious. Mike Tyson loved it, although he probably doesn’t even remember that he was on this show. I started to tell a story about a time my grandmother basically told me my sister was better than me (a story for another time), but before I could finish, a bunch of people in all black and with walkie-talkies shooed me off stage (I later found out that they didn’t want my performance to influence the voting in any way).

Mike Tyson was very upset that I was getting kicked off. So upset, that he started a chant: “Aimee’s sister. Aimee’s sister.” Pretty soon the whole audience was chanting it. One of the producers said I couldn’t come back on, so Mike Tyson started booing. Then all 400 people were booing. The rest of the day, people would randomly shout “We want Aimee’s sister”. It’s the most love I’ve ever felt from a group of people who didn’t know my name. My dad even looked into helping me make a website called

I was excited my sister got to be on TV, and was hoping I’d make it on as well. There was a lot of camera time spent on my family, after all. Unfortunately none of it made the final cut. Well, except for this picture of the back of my head from when I was 3. According to the TV show, it’s a picture of Aimee from her childhood. But in reality, my mother sent in this picture, figuring no one could tell from behind. screen-shot-2017-07-31-at-9-06-15-pm

So did I get to be on TV? Not really. Did I perform stand-up comedy in front of Mike Tyson? Yes. Did he start a chant to get me back on stage? Yes. Does he remember any of this? Probably not. But something Mike Tyson probably doesn’t even remember is one of my craziest/most exciting experiences. It’s the peak of my current and future comedy career.

Oh, and by the way, call me Lindsay.


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