Awkward Encounters of the Second Time

About 6 months ago a guy asked me out on the bus. I wrote about my experience in this blog post: How to Date While Riding Public Transportation . A quick recap for those of you who did not read the post: A guy asked me out on the bus. Okay, I guess it didn’t need to be recapped. But if you don’t have the minute to read that post, you should know that we friended each other on Facebook, and then he messaged me saying that if I ever wanted to ride the bus with him again, to let him know. I said, “Haha, for sure” which is millennial for “No, never. But I don’t want you to hate me”.

Cut to 6 months later (last week). I’m standing on the Laugh Factory stage, about a minute into my set, (crushing it!), when I see a familiar face in the front row. Is that…? No. It can’t be. I look somewhere else as if taking a break from this guy’s face would make it clearer. I look back at him. Oh, it’s definitely him. There, sitting in the front row, was bus guy. And he was on a date.

I’m an anxious person, but more so at parties than on stage. But I did panic for a good few seconds. Does he recognize me? Did he know I would be here? Did he read my blog post about him? Does he hate me? Is he laughing? Because these jokes are funny, so if he’s not laughing, something must be up.

I blank on my jokes for a couple seconds, but no one notices. “He’s just another audience member” I tell myself. I take a deep breath and continue on with my jokes.

My eyes managed to make their way back to his face every few seconds because I wanted to see if he was laughing. He was kind of stoned-faced throughout, but I broke him a couple times.

My set ended and I walked off the stage. I ran out to the bar area where a bunch of my friends were hanging out, obviously not watching my set. I screamed something along the lines of “The guy who asked me out on the bus who was later the star of a blog post is sitting in the front row.” I got some awkward looks from the people who didn’t know me.

There were still 30 minutes left of the show, but then I knew I’d be face-to-face with bus guy. Once the show ended people started filing out of the show room and into the bar/lobby where I was. My friends and I tried to act nonchalant. He walked past us and into the bathroom. I had between 30 seconds and 5 minutes until he was out again (depending on what he went into the bathroom to do).

The door opened and he waltzed out. I motioned towards the bathroom and mouthed “There he is” to my friends. To prevent him from talking to me, we all stood close and acted like we were talking about something really important. At one my point my friend just mumbled, “important conversation” over and over again.

I got nervous when he stopped about 5 feet from my conversation circle. He stood there for several minutes, as if he was waiting for a break in the fake conversation to come talk to me. We didn’t give him that chance. His date walked over and they left together, and I haven’t seen or heard from him since.

I had so many questions. Mostly I wanted to know if he knew I was going to be performing that night.

If this incident taught me anything, it’s that I can be calm under pressure, or at least appear that way on the outside. I’m thinking of adding this specific situation to my resume under special skills. “Keeps calm on stage even when there’s a guy in the front row who she realizes one minute into her set is a guy who asked her out on the bus and then who she later wrote a blog post about”. Nice and succinct.

Maybe I should have blocked him from seeing my Facebook post of the blog post about him, but I guess it’s too late. And now this will be the second blog post he is the star of. Will he read it? Should I block him from my Facebook post about this?

I vote no. Because I could really use the extra view.

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