How to Date While Riding Public Transportation

How to Date While Riding Public Transportation

Where have you gotten asked out? At a bar? At work? At a coffee shop? What about on public transportation? Recently, I was taking the #50 bus to my parents’ house, because I’m a good daughter who visits her parents when she needs help with things like her taxes. The bus was nearly empty. I took a seat near the front, but not before noticing the cute guy a few rows back. I looked at him a couple times over the next few minutes, but my way of flirting is by occupying the same space as the flirtee and never acknowledging their existence.

Either he took my glances at him as a sign of interest, or I was so attractive that my lack of interest didn’t matter to him, because he got up from his seat and plopped down across the aisle from me. Him showing interest in me was an immediate turn-off. You want me to like you? Act like I don’t exist, or I do, but you hate me. Suddenly he wasn’t cute anymore.

We chatted for a bit about our respective jobs. I found out we went to the same high school 5 years apart. We found each other on Facebook before we parted ways. As he was getting up to get off at his stop, he invited me along with him. He said he was meeting a friend at a bar and would love for me to join him. That seemed a little rude to his friend, if we’re being perfectly honest. I declined, as I had to get to my parents’ house.

That night he messaged me: “It was nice riding the bus with you today”. I responded cordially and then he said to let him know if I ever wanted to ride the bus with him again. I never contacted him to ride the bus together, because, you know…I self-sabotage or whatever. But I did tell all of my friends about the guy. And here’s my favorite response: 15741023_10154784946734536_8731394437352860967_n

So, yeah, maybe I have relationship issues, but at least I’ve got great friends.

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