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Waterfowl hunting dates for 2015/2016

Waterfowl hunting dates for 2015/2016
Illinois Waterfowl Regular Season Dates: 2015–16 September Canada Goose: Statewide Sept. 1 – 15 September Teal: Statewide Sept. 5 – 20 North Zone Youth Hunt Duck Canada Goose 2015–16 Oct. 10 – 11 Oct. 17 – Dec. 15 Oct. 17 – Jan. 14 Central Zone 2015–16 Oct. 17 – 18 Oct. 24 – Dec. 22... Read more »

Diving Duck Action on Rend Lake

It’s 3:30 a.m. The air is cold and brisk, and the parking lot is full of boats and camo-clad hunters. It’s something only hard core, seasoned waterfowl hunters can appreciate, one of which I am not. But I’m getting there. I had an opportunity to hunt with my good buddy Nick Shafer on Rend Lake... Read more »

How to Call Ducks into Range

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Duck hunting is around the corner and it’s time that all waterfowlers dust off their calls and start practicing.  If you want to be successful in the duck blind, it will be your calling that makes the difference between getting your limit and not. There’s nothing more frustrating than to have ducks hover over your... Read more »

Mossy Oak ProStaffer Jason Patterson talks about waterfowling

Mossy Oak ProStaffer Jason Patterson talks about waterfowling
From Mossy Oak… Jason Patterson, Mossy Oak ProStaff Waterfowl Regional Manager (MS Flyway) Question: What do you look for when scouting for places to hunt ducks and geese? Answer: First a natural flyway is your first logical place to begin. Second, a food source is a major plus. On the ground scouting is the best... Read more »

Beaver Dam Duck Hunt 2011

I was lucky to experience some of the best duck hunting in the country.  I hunted with Mike and Lamar Boyd of the Beaver Dam Hunting Services.  They own a great portion of Beaver Lake located by Tunica Mississippi. Imagine if you will hunting in an oxbow lake filled with cypress trees and having ducks... Read more »

DaRosa's duck hunt comes to an end

Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show cohost Jim DaRosa rapped up his duck hunting trip to Missouri.  In his final email to me he also includes a few more photos…  Check them out. If you have a story to tell and some photos to share, send them to me at iloutdoors@comcast.net “Don,  Rich Partak and I... Read more »

Duck report on Day 2

DaRosa reports from Missouri on day two of duck hunting.  Looks like he’s having fun…  Check out the slide show… Hey Buddy…..Rich Partak, Kevin Hogan  Pat Salomone and I had another great day of duck hunting in SE Missouri.  Todays hunt very much different from yesterdays….it was cold, low cloud cover and a strong westerly wind.  By... Read more »

Duck hunting down south

Jim DaRosa of the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show has been doing some duck hunting down south.  Here’s an email that he send to me sharing how his first day went… “Don,   Rich Partak and myself arrived in southern Missouri late Sunday night,  just in time to get a couple hours of  sleep before our 4am... Read more »

8 year old's first hunt bags 2 duck

Here’s a photo of Patrick M. with a few birds that he, his dad and brother got.  This was Patricks first hunt and he got two of the ducks in the photo.  Good job Patrick! If you have photos that you’d like to share, send them to iloutdoors@comcast.net.  Tell me a little about the photos... Read more »

Illinois seeking approval of fourth duck hunting zone

This just came in from the IL DNR….. Governor Pat Quinn Seeks Interior Secretary’s Support for Future Duck Zone Flexibility SPRINGFIELD, ILL. – Governor Pat Quinn is asking the U.S. Secretary of the Interior to consider granting Illinois more flexibility in setting future duck hunting seasons for the 2011-2015 seasons to enhance hunting opportunities and... Read more »