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Southern Illinois Fishing Report

Southern Illinois Fishing Report
I heard from Ron DaRosa that the southern Illinois boys had a great weekend on the water. Ron sent over a fishing report and I’d like to share it with the readers. I want to cut right to the chase and welcome Zach Liddell who is the son of good friend Keith to our circle.... Read more »

Catch a fish like this on the IL Outdoors Spring Trip

Ron DaRosa of RD Outdoors (www.rdoutdoors.com) send me an email with this photo.  Holy cow, what a fish.  Can you imagine that you too can catch a fish like this on the Illinois Outdoors Spring Trip to Southern Illinois?  This beauty came from Devil’s Kitchen, a 10 HP lake. For trip details, CLICK HERE Ok,... Read more »

Little Grassy Lake gives up some nice bass

I received this email from Ron DaRosa of RD Outdoors.  Ron guides for bass on small lakes in southern Illinois.  The theory of getting big fish from big lakes only holds no water here. Little Grassy is just one of the lakes that Ron guides on and you might want to give him a call... Read more »

A simple way to enjoy fishing on Williamson County Lakes

From the Williamson County Tourism Bureau…. SHORE FISHING IS THE SIMPLE LIFE MARION, Illinois – To the casual observer, anglers fishing from shore on Williamson County Lakes are fishing for whatever comes along.  They do not have a fancy boat with a lot of electronics and a big motor.  In fact most do not not... Read more »

Report (and short story) on Devil's Kitchen

Gotta give these guys some lessons on taking photos…. Ron DaRosa from Carbondale sent over a report from Devil’s Kitchen in southern Illinois. Did you know that this lake was built back in the days of President Roosevelt?  When the war came, work was stopped and the facilities there were taken over by homeless people. ... Read more »

Open water angling in southern Illinois

More photos have come in.  Ron DaRosa sent these to share. and al ong with them, this is what Ron had to say. “Well it is here, … jerkbait season ! Fished with Cole Moss and we went down to DK to catch the elusive rainbow trout, largemouth bass or what ever would tug on... Read more »