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A Southern IL fishing report from a guide and his client

I recently received a couple of emails from guys who wanted to share some fishing info from this weekend. One email is from Ron DaRosa of RD Outdoors guide service in southern Illinois.  The other is from his client Steve from up here in the Chicaoland area. The emails below are a report of the... Read more »

Little Grassy Lake gives up some nice bass

I received this email from Ron DaRosa of RD Outdoors.  Ron guides for bass on small lakes in southern Illinois.  The theory of getting big fish from big lakes only holds no water here. Little Grassy is just one of the lakes that Ron guides on and you might want to give him a call... Read more »

Big bass caught last night

I received another southern Illinois fishing report from Braden Gibbs.  Yikes!!!  That’s a nice fish. If you have a fishing report that you want to share or any photos of your prize fish, send them to iloutdoors@comcast.net. Here is what Braden has to say… Just got in from Cedar.  Went in spite of some impending... Read more »

Fishing in the Dark

Not too many people fish in the dark.  Sure, it’s difficult to see what’s going on.  But it is under the cover of darkness that fish seem to be more relaxed and less skittish.  I fished the northwoods of Wisconsin at night for walleye.  You could not see your hand in front of your face. ... Read more »

Moonshine bassin

Ron DaRosa from Carbondale gets out to do a lot of night fishing.  Being a good ole boy from southern Illinois, he also loves to do some moonshining I guess.   Here’s his latest report from Cedar Lake.   I wonder though, why is he squinting? Went back to Cedar to enjoy a little moonshine spinnerbaitin’. Had a... Read more »

Nightime bass at Cedar Lake

Ron DaRosa sent this over…. Gibby and I decided to switch things up and hit good ol Cedar tonight. Glad we did had a lot of fun and caught 20 bass without workin real hard. Most fish were on spinnerbaits but we did throw a power worm for a bit. Caught a nice 17″ er on... Read more »

A trip down south that I missed

Every once and awhile there are family commitments that will keep you from spending some time on the water.  I wanted to head to southern Illinois a week ago with Jim DaRosa and Rich Partak for a few days of fishing on Cedar Lake. Well, as it turned out they took care of business pretty well... Read more »

Cedar lake producing fish like last week, like last year

Ron DaRosa poses for a photo with a nice Cedar Lake Bass. Must be cold as he’s having a problem holding the camera still. None the less, nice fish. Ron DaRosa of Carterville, IL send over an email on his recent trip to Cedar Lake.  Found it quite interesting that he caught his fish on... Read more »

This bass was caught today

A largemouth bass lays on a cooler below a bump board. Kevin Hogan took this photo of the fish he caught today in Southern Illinois, Cedar Lake. My southern Illinois Connection keeps me posted with good reports.  The boys are very good anglers, avid anglers who are dedicated to the sport and sharing information is... Read more »

A southern Illinois Report from 3/10

I received an email from Kevin Hogan.  His report comes from Southern Illinois, a place where I wish I was at right now. This is what Kevin said.. Took my ole buddy Gordon Brookman to Cedar today. North end water temps were 47. Winds were terrible today but remembering how we slayed them last year,... Read more »