Outdoor news, photos and fishing reports

Outdoor News, Photos, and Fishing Reports

If you have any outdoor news, photos or fishing reports to share, please send to iloutdoors@comcast.net.  Photos are at the end of this blog.

Chicago River Fishing Report by Pat Harrison

Fishing is off a bit with the up and down weather for sure. Out a couple times last week caught fish but worked for what we got. The river is somewhat churned up so fish are a bit more scattered. Spots that normally produce numbers are giving up one or two. Rattle baits and spinner baits are helping to add movement and sound. A couple decent smallies came on C.S. Lures Spinner Baits along the inside of the break walls off Navy Pier.

Pan fish have slowed up a bit too they are hugging the bottom in most of my spots for me the best bait is still a White jig and twister tail tipped with a wax worm. Fished slow and ticking bottom is what works for me. In the process of mounting the Berts board with riggers and rod holders to start to play with the Trout and salmon to add to what we can chase on a trip.

Surface temps last week ranged from 74.8 to 70.2 water stained and winds changing all factors in the game but it’s all fun.   Have a great week catch some fish.

Thanks Pat
Area Lakes and Rivers Report by Ken HUSKER O’Malley

Hey Don,   
Here is a recap of the past week’s fishing.  Area Lakes- bass have been very good on clearer lakes during morning hours. Focus on outside and inside weedlines using a flick shake presentation. Best color has been the BPS Houdini and 2 foot flouro leader ties to fireline crystal.

Area rivers/creeks- smallmouth have been picking up now that feeder creeks have cleared up. The Midwest rig has been the best presentation with a 3/16 oz weight.    TTYL
Ken “Husker” O’Malley
Husker Outdoors
Waterworks fishing team
Illinois DNR announces Waterfowl dates

Illinois Waterfowl Season Dates for 2017-18

September Canada Goose: Statewide Sept. 1 – 15
September Teal: Statewide Sept. 9 – 24
Seasons by Zone

North Zone
Youth Hunt: Oct. 14 – 15
Duck: Oct. 21 – Dec. 19
Canada Goose: Oct. 21 – Jan. 18

Central Zone
Youth Hunt: Oct. 21 – 22
Duck: Oct. 28 – Dec. 26
Canada Goose: Oct. 28 – Nov. 5 and Nov. 12 – Jan. 31

South Central Zone
Youth Hunt: Nov. 4 – 5
Duck: Nov. 11 – Jan. 9
Canada Goose: Nov. 11 – Jan. 31

South Zone
Youth Hunt: Nov. 11 – 12
Duck: Nov. 23 – Jan. 21
Canada Goose: Nov. 23 – Jan. 31

Illinois 2017-18 Snow Goose and White-Fronted Goose Season Dates

North Zone
Snow Geese
Regular Season: Oct. 21 – Jan. 18
White-fronted Geese: Oct. 23 – Jan. 18

Central Zone
Snow Geese
Regular Season: Oct. 28 – Jan. 31
White-fronted Geese: Nov. 5 – Jan. 31

South Central Zone
Snow Geese
Regular Season: Nov. 11 – Jan. 31
White-fronted Geese: Nov. 11 – Jan. 31

South Zone
Snow Geese
Regular Season: Nov. 23 – Jan. 31
White-fronted Geese: Nov. 23 – Jan. 31

The Illinois waterfowl hunting zone maps and anticipated seasons dates for the 2016-2020 seasons are available on the IDNR website at: https://www.dnr.illinois.gov/hunting/waterfowl/Documents/WaterfowlZonesDatesFinal20162020.pdf

Salmon Unlimited Fishing News
For the latest edition of Hook n Line by Salmon Unlimited, CLICK HERE
Lake Shelbyville Fishing report by Steve Welsh

The report is about the same as last week. The crappie are still on a summer pattern of fishing out over twenty-feet of water about fifteen-feet down with a slip bobber and minnow. Stay off the pile and you will catch far more. Some are spider rigging ends of lay downs and brush piles using our Deep Ledge Jig Baby Bugs on bottom and a minnow on a plain hook on top with very good success.

You can still catch some sauger out on the edges of flats by pulling bottom bouncers and spinner rigs. Best try early in the day since you are out in main navigation paths of really big pleasure boats.

White bass have moved out to their normal summer spots as well. Fish a jigging spoon in twenty-feet of water along the deep sides of points and ledges.

Steve Welch – Crappie Specialties
Website: www.lakeshelbyvilleguide.com

Central Wisconsin Outdoor Report by Phil Schweik

Hot bite in the Central Wisconsin area this past week with crappies and walleyes taking center stage. A
lot of the walleye and crappie action has been by working 12 to 16 feet of water with jig and minnow
combinations. Musky have been active along with some decent northern pike. The big fish bite has been
by mainly running large bucktails as well as some topwater baits. We have also been seeing a lot of white
bass on the Wisconsin River system this past week as well. It is a lot of fun when you get into a school of
nice white bas as they will eat just about anything.
Our bear baits are being hit regularly and we are seeing some really nice bears. As we move later into
the month we are starting to see more daytime activity as well as more consistency. We have been
mixing our baits up with a variety of pastries, and candy as well as frostings and cookies. The varieties
are working well at bringing in not only numbers of bears but some really good ones too.
Have a great week,
Phil Schweik
Hooksetters Guide Service

Destination Niagara USA Fishing Report by Bill Hilts, Jr.

Lake Ontario – The hottest action out deep had been for steelhead off Wilson and Olcott. Boats have been heading out to 400-500 feet of water for salmon and trout, but mosts of the fish have been nice steelhead taken on spoons. Flasher-fly will work for trout but if there are kings and cohos around, those seem to be the best baits to use. The DW 42nd spoon keeps popping up for one popular bait; for spinnies, white on white, white 2 face, and chrome green dot flashers with stud fly, purple or lime mirage fly have worked best, but other colors are working, too. A few salmon have started to make it in closer to shore, but the best and most consistent fishing has been out deep. The Niagara Bar is producing some nice fish, as well. John Van Hoff of North Tonawanda was out last weekend and did well with flasher-fly 90 feet down over 100 feet of water right at the drop off. He caught a dozen nice kings to 25 pounds. Out of Wilson, Capt. Mike Johannes has been reporting fish about 8 miles out, but fish are also available in the 100 to 200 foot depth range. Spoons and flasher-fly, what’s been working elsewhere, has been the hot bite. Meat will also work for kings as we move closer to the time when salmon will be making their way in to the ports they were stocked at.

The Orleans County Rotary Derby has been plugging along slowly the past week. Mike Schaeffer of Sligo, Pa. is leading the grand prize quest with a 28 pound, 6 ounce salmon out of the Oak. In the Salmon Division, Chase Lamb of Burt is in first place with an Olcott king that weighed 23 pounds, 15 ounces. The contest runs through August 20th, which helps set up for one of the busiest weekends of the year as far as the fishing scene is concerned. First, the Fall Lake Ontario Counties Trout and Salmon Derby kicks off on August 18 and runs through Labor Day. Also on August 18, the Second Annual Reelin’ for a Cure will be held out of Wilson and Olcott from 6 a.m. to noon. This all-ladies event will be raising funds for the Breast Cancer Network of WNY. Last year there were 12 teams. This year it looks like it has more than doubled! They need boats – charter boats and rec boats – to make it all happen. It’s a fun time for sure. Contact Stephanie Pierleoni at 481-6388 for more information or go on the event’s Facebook page. The final contest that starts up next weekend is the Greater Niagara Fish Odyssey Derby, set for August 19th to the 27th. Six species categories for the adults and a Grand Prize of $3,000. For the kids, it’s free to enter with loads of merchandise prizes and trophies. Sign up at any of the LOC weigh stations or at www.fishodyssey.net. This is for Niagara, Orleans and Erie counties. Many thanks to Jim and Karen Evarts at The Boat Doctors in Olcott who do a lion’s share of the work behind the scenes, such as the website and the leaderboard. This is a great way to get the whole family out to enjoy the waters of Western New York.

Niagara River action, both above and below Niagara Falls, has been dominated by bass, but the walleye fishing can be pretty good, too. Bass are liking crayfish and shiners, in that order. Walleye are liking worm harnesses and other spinner-worm combinations. Yellow sally rigs are a local favorite in the lower river. Mike Fox of Lewiston led one lucky fisherman into catching the biggest bass in the Independent Living bass contest last Sunday, a 5.5 pound smallmouth that hit a crayfish on the Stella Drift, right in front of his house! Captain Ernie Calandrelli of Lewiston also hit the top walleye on the same drift, using the same bait as Fox – a softshell crab. 

Bill Hilts, Jr., Outdoor Promotions Director

Inline image 2
Destination Niagara USA
p: 1-877 FALLS US
Lake of the Woods Minnesota Fishing Report by Joe Henry

If you like big walleyes, the bite is on.  Spinners with crawlers and trolling crankbaits in 28-31 ft pulling numbers of fish and big fish. Deep mud (no man’s land) and deep reefs producing.  The winning team for the David A. Andersen Warrior Boats tournament had almost 45 lbs for 5 fish, a 9 pound average!  Gold, glow and bright colors continue to be solid choices.  Pike active, perch and smallmouth bite in many areas of the lake.

Anglers in the Rainy River finding some walleyes with morning/evening.  Trolling cranks or pulling spinners producing the best. Smallmouth bass in good numbers along shoreline bridge embankments and feeder streams. Sturgeon fishing is on fire with a first time group boating 20 sturgeon in two days.  Top three sturgeon were 53, 57 and 61 inches.

Up at the NW Angle, excellent fishing continues.  In Minnesota, the bite has been on fire with trolling.  Blue, chrome, clown or UV pink has worked great in 26-30’. White, orange or chrome spinners have been doing very well from Four Blocks to Garden Island.  Up in Canada, jigging walleyes early morning and late afternoon has been the best, with orange, gold and yellow being the most productive, as has pulling spinners in 20-28’ using orange along the reefs.  Muskies have been very active with any fish being seen after bucktails and hard baits. Our guests boated 49″ and 51.5″ muskies this past week!!!  Lodging, charters and guides are available at www.LakeoftheWoodsMN.com/Lodging.

Joe Henry | Executive Director | Lake of the Woods Tourism | LakeoftheWoodsMN.com

office: 800-382-3474 |  Joe.Henry@LakeoftheWoodsMN.com

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