“The Road Less Traveled”

The ChicagoNow Blogger Life Theme for this week is “The Road Less Traveled”.  When I saw that, I thought, “This will be easy.”

I often take roads less traveled.  I’m taking this blogging challenge  literally.  My guess is that it will be much different than that of my fellow bloggers at ChicagoNow.

If you follow my blog,  you already know that my passion is in the outdoors.  Fishing, hunting, etc., is what I do.  Annually there’s a trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin and every time I go, I take   “The Road Less Traveled” to find a body of water that I’ve never fished before.  Call me an exlorerer if you will but it is a lot of fun  to look for fish in unknown waters.

GPS has been a good tool for me but one must understand, they do on occasion not follow the path you think you’re taking.  Often one has to revert to the old fashion paper map.

Taking  “The Road Less Traveled” can be doing things that are out of the ordinary.  It could mean that you’re going to be your own person; a leader, not a follower.   Doing your own thing is what makes you unique.  Sure, this could have been creative and written so that you have to read into it to see my meaning of  “The Road Less Traveled” but for noe…. for me…  this is my road less traveled.

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