Fishing is getting better for the Father/Daughter team

The weather is improving and the fishing is getting better for the Father/Daughter team.   Although it’s quite cold in the morning, as the sun gets higher in the sky the air is warming up some.  The mild breeze is helping too.

I’m a big believer that at this time of year whether you’re up north or fishing in the Chicagoland area, there’s no need to get up early and be on the water before the birds start singing.

Although I say the fishing is getting better, I must say that Lisa is struggling a bit to get a fish in the boat.  Today she had a nice largemouth bass on the end of the line but if shook off before she could get the net into the water.   Tomorrow will be better.

We were able to get about a half of a TV show recorded on Wildcat Lake.  All of the fish caught were largemouths.   Tomorrow’s weather will be similar to today’s but will be a bit warmer.   The air temps as shown on my boat reached 50 degrees today.  The surface water temperature was 51.    I guess that if you wanted to warm your hands all you had to do is stick them in the water.  Glad it warmed up during the day because the inside of the boat was frosted over including my net and rods that were left on the deck.

We didn’t do any muskie fishing today.  However I ran into three guys who were staying in the cabin next to mine at the Wildcat Lodge.   They’re from Illinois too.  They managed to boat two muskies today.

Unfortunately I was not able to get a photo of their muskies, but in today’s gallery, I have a few pics of the fish I got.

Lisa, tomorrow is going to be your day.

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