Father/Daughter trip continues

Lisa and I started our day with breakfast at the Grannery in Boulder Junction.   Later that morning we hit Wildcat, Big and Little Kitten Lakes.   Fishing was slow but we managed to catch some crappie and largemouth bass right out in front of the Wildcat Lodge where we’re staying.  The water surface temperature was warmer than the air temps.  Water was 51 degrees and we never saw the air temp go above 48 on the lakes.   No matter, we were having fun being out together and catching a few fish.

I put a few fish photos in the gallery.   But the most fun of the day was having dinner at PJ Burger Barn.   I had the Firehouse burger… it was on fire but still, very good.    Lisa had a bacon and mushroom burger.   She finished dinner before I did.  Guess she was pretty hungry or she really liked her burger.  I added in a couple food pics too.

Tomorrow we’ll get out fishing for sure but most likely in the afternoon.   We have a few errands to run in the morning.   We’re thinking two for one dinner at the Headwaters in Boulder Junction is in order.   We’re hoping that they’re still serving Kielbasa Soup.

To be continued.

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