A fantastic day for Father/Daughter fishing

What a great day we had and what better way is there to end our Father/Daughter fishing trip in Boulder Junction?

Started out with a fantastic breakfast.  Linda France of the Wildcat Lodge made her famous chocolate chip pancakes for my daughter Lisa and me.   They were FanTazTic!!!

Because of that, we began our day of fishing on Wildcat Lake on the right foot.

Within our first half hour on the water.  I boated a 41 inch muskie.   The fish was caught in relatively shallow water, about 4 feet.   I was using a Storm Kickin Minnow, the smaller size that’s about 8 inches long.  It was a perch color patterned bait.

From there we went to Big and Little Kitten Lakes.   The lodge sits on the shores of these two lakes that are connected to Wildcat.   Lisa and I did well on catching a load of crappies that were from 11 to 13 inches long.   We used a simple 1/8 oz jig tipped with a minnow.  I think that some or our success came from having 4 pound test flourocarbon leaders.

In the afternoon, Lisa hooked into a fish and said that it was way too big to be a crappie.   When I got a glimps of it in the water through the viewfinder of my video camera, I thought it was a muskie.  But once it came to the surface, we were quite excited to see that it was a huge walleye.   Lisa did a great job bringing the fish to the boat and netting the fish.  I got it all on camera for an Illinois Outdoors TV Show.

We put the fish on a scale and it weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces.   The big walleye was 28 inches long.  It was Lisa’s personal best and bigger than any walleye I’ve ever caught.  And what makes this so special is that Lisa got the fish all on her own.  She put the bait on the hook.  We were in 20 feet of water and she put the bait where it needed to be.  She handled the big fish well and was able to get it in using 4 pound test line for a leader.  And she netted the boat herself.  No guide, no help from Dad  Yes, Lisa can catch fish.

Yes this was a fantastic day for our Father/Daughter fishing trip.   It was sad to see this trip come to an end but that’s the way things are with all good things.   How can we beat a catch like this next year?    I don’t know but we talked a lot about it on the ride home.

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