High School Anglers do Lake Management Project

It was a combined effort of the bass teams at V J Andrew and Sandburg High School to do a lake management project along with the Village of Orland Park.

The two teams under the guidance of Coach John Bartgen at Andrew built fish cribs for placing in Lake Sedgewick in Orland Park.   Artificial habitat like this, placed in a lake will begin to have algae grow on it.  Soon after that begins, zoo plankton and micro organisms come about and attract small minnows and fry.  With that larger  game fish come to feed on the minnows.

Cribs are also good for cover.  It becomes a hiding place for smaller fish, like fry and panfish.  All in all, they’re a good thing for a lake and an excellant project for the kids for two reasons.   They learn about the fish they enjoy catching and its a good community project where they can give back to the community that supports them.

Here are a few photos

The teams loaded 14 cribs in a half dozen boats and headed to the deepest water and clusted the cribs in a few different areas.  The coached brought out some hot dogs and burgers for the kids.  Some of them could not resist making a few casts with hopes to catch a fish or two.

Coach Bartgen told me that the IL DNR will be coming out to the lake during the first week of October to conduct a lake survey.  They kids will be out there to help in any way they can.

I was able to record a nice segment for Illinois Outdoors TV and it should be on the air some time in October (Comcast Cable, CH 138 at 8 AM or in the western suburbs on MediaCom Cable on TV 17 Outdoors, Ch 17).



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