Patterning Your Shot Gun for Turkey Hunting

Last Friday I recorded a segment for the Illinois Outdoors TV Show with Dan Stefanich.   The segment is on patterning your shotgun for turkey hunting.

Right now we’re in the beginning of the wild turkey hunting season.  Dan has been out on a couple hunts already and has more scheduled.

Knowing where to aim and how your shot is flying by your target 20 or 30 yards away is important.   We used Birchwood Casey PreGame targets.

In that the turkey targets are life size you get to see and aim at what you’ll be shooting at while hunting these wild birds.  Too the targets show you the lethal areas on the bird.  Now the really cool thing is that they are splatter targets.   That means that when you’re pellet hits the paper, there’s a splatter of color around the hole.  These targets are made up to show you clear misses, hits that may not be lethal and hits that surely are lethal.

This segment will be within an Illinois Outdoors TV Show in May.  In the Chicagoland area it can be seen on Comcast Cable, Total Living Network on Saturdays at 8 AM.  Also,  for those who have Dish or Direct TV, at 8 AM on Saturdays, the show can be seen streamed online at  Just click on the Watch TV link.


Birchwood Casey is not a sponsor of Illinois Outdoors TV.

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