Mega Big Fish Contest in April at Shabbona Lake

Mega Big Fish Contest in April at Shabbona Lake
Catch a Big Crappie and Win!

Shabbona Lake is known as one of Illinois’ Best Fishing Lakes and being the Muskie Capitol Of Illinois. Clint Sands from Lakeside Bait and Tackes sent over this information.  What a great opportunity it will be for anglers to kick off hte fishing season with a fun fishing contest where you can not only win some fantastic cash prizes, but also have that good feeling that you’re helping keep Shabbona lake well stocked.

Well, finally, there will be a fishing contest for everyone there.  The best part it is, all they are asking for at the Lakesite Bait and Tackle is that you donate $5.00 to their Walleye Restocking Fund.

Now with this contest, matter what your favorite fish is, you have a chance to win lots of cash. 

If you like to fish for Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass, you’re in! 

How about Muskie, Walleye, Crappie, Catfish, Striped Bass?  You’re in!!!

The one $5 donation enters you all month for all species.

The contest will run from April 1st  thru April 30th, 2014.  Shabbona Lakeside Bait, Tackle is the host this Mega Big Fish Contest Month at Shabbona Lake.  Hours are 6 AM – 7 PM, everyday during April 2014.  Once you donate $5 to the Restocking Fund, you are in for the whole month but you cannot qualify or bring in any fish until you make your donation first.

Shabbona Lake State Park is located in Southern DeKalb County, about 25 minutes southwest of DeKalb.

Rules and Prizes:

All winning fish must be caught at Shabbona Lake, during the month of April 2014, between the hours of 6 AM and 7 PM. (Muskie, Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Walleye, Catfish, Striper, Crappie.)

Catch the Heaviest fish per species listed below and you win $100.00. 

Catch a new Shabbona Lake Record, and you win an additional $100, making it a $200 prize

Catch a new State Of Illinois Record, and you win an additional $800, making it a $1,000 prize.

Winning fish in each species will be determined by weight. Prizes will be awarded May 1st, 2014

Each Winning Fish must exceed minimum size limits posted below and be the heaviest caught during April, 2014. 

Muskie                    Must be over 48”
Walleye                   Must be over 18″
Largemouth Bass  Must be over 14”
Smallmouth Bass  Must be over 14”
Striped Bass           Must be over 17”
Crappie                   Must be over 12”
Catfish                     Must be over 24”

Here are the Rules:

1.       You must sign up at Shabbona Lakeside Bait, Tackle & Boat Rental prior to going fishing. Any fish caught prior to sign up, are not eligible to be entered.

2.       You must donate $5.00 to the Walleye Restocking Fund.

3.       All entries must be caught at Shabbona Lake, between April 1st & April 30th, during the hours of 6 AM – 7 PM.

4.       Fish must be alive when measured.  We encourage catch & release, as soon as the fish is weighed.

5.       One witness must be preset to verify your catch, when you enter your catch.

6.       Determination of winning qualifying fish will be by weight. 7.7.       Weigh In At Lakeside Bait, Tackle & Boat Rental.

For more info call 815-824-2581 or visit              Clint Sands

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