Illinois Outdoors TV Show on Hunting at Rooster Heaven - Photos

Last week a TV show for Illinois Outdoors was recorded at the Rooster Heaven Hunt Club.

I had the opportunity to hunt with Dave June of Chicago, a fellow member of the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Illinois.   Dave brought his German Shorthaired Pointer Kady.

Unfortunately, while on a hunt last fall, Kady had an accident where she injured one of her legs.  Several vet’s have told Dave that she would most likely never hunt again.  However Dave was persistent in talking to other Vets and found one who worked in Sports Medicine for animals.  He did a lot of work with race track greyhounds.

The Vet was able to do a procedure where by the end of the regular hunting season here in Illinois, Kady was able to get out into the field again.

I was anxious to see how Kady was doing and how she would handle a hunt.  I was pleased to see that she’s doing very well and is a great bird dog.

There’s a series of photos taken from video clips that are within my TV show that will first be seen on Comcast Cable, Channel 138 on Saturday, May 10  at 8 AM.  From the photos alone you’ll see that Kady is doing just fine.

Also joining me within the show for a few words are Lon Wojtyla of Rooster Heaven and Brent Johnston.


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