Fishing and Hunting Reports

Fishing and Hunting Reports
Dr. Mark Nartatez from Pittsburgh, PA was the lucky angler reeling in a monster 45-inch lake trout that tipped the scales are nearly 40 pounds! It was caught off the Niagara Bar of the Lower Niagara River near Lewiston NY

Lake Shelbyville Report by Steve Welsh

Things are about the same with the crappie. We are hammering them and we had our three or four man limit every day last week. Water temps remain about 51 and color is very good. We are still using 1/4oz. Deep Ledge Jigs with a Midsouth 102 or 108 tube which is white sparkle or white and chartreuse. We are fishing the north end of the lake in brush and down trees about 10ft. deep. We are just hovering over the brush and fishing vertically.

The crappie are biting so well that we have even got a one person limit in less than twenty minutes a couple days last week. We even caught almost a hundred fish from just one tree last week and had to wait in line just to fish it. So who knows how many fish have come from this one tree in the last couple of weeks.

This bite should remain very good on through the end of the month so get out there and fill the freezer.


Rend Lake Waterfowl Report by Molly Rawlinson  Natural Resource Specialist
US Army Corps of Engineers

November 13, 2013







CANADA GEESE 0 Nov. 9 – Jan 31 Daily Bag Limit – 2Possession Limit — 6
SNOWS/BLUES 750 Nov. 9 – Jan. 31 Daily Bag Limit – 20 Snow/Blue & Ross’ Geese 1 BrantPossession Limit – Unlimited Snow/Blue & Ross’ Geese, 3 Brant
WHITE-FRONTS 0 Nov. 19 – Jan. 31 Daily Bag Limit – 2Possession Limit – 6


Information as of:  11/14/2013LAKE LEVEL: 405.72
CASEY FORK: 411.78
BIG MUDDY: 411.74

Niagara New York area fishing Report by Bill Hilts

Catch of the week – 40 pound Niagara Bar lake trout!   Niagara Fishing Forecast for Friday, Nov. 15, 2013

1.       Lake Ontario and tributaries – The Southern Zone regular big game season is here, opening on Nov. 16, and prospects are good this fall for both deer and bear in specified areas. If you are not a hunter, then this could be a great time to go fishing because there will be a lot less pressure in places like 18 Mile Creek and Burt Dam. Water flow is good and the water is stained so use brightly colored egg sacs or egg imitations to try and get salmon and trout to hit. Hopefully some fresh fish will be coming from the most recent rains. A few fresh salmon are still being seen along with a fair number of brown trout. Steelhead are starting to arrive in the scene in modest numbers.  Johnson Creek to the east was offering some good action for Greg Stanley of All in the Same Boat Tackle Shop in Newfane – lots of fish and not many fishermen. Pier casting is another good option with spoons the number one hardware – off either Wilson or Olcott.

2.       Lower Niagara River – In the Niagara River, the water is off color but it was not too stained to fish last weekend. Just ask Capt. Joe Marra of Lewiston who was fishing the Niagara Bar on Sunday with customers. Dr. Mark Nartatez from Pittsburgh, PA was the lucky angler reeling in a  monster 45-inch lake trout that tipped the scales are nearly 40 pounds! It attacked a Kwikfish lure fished off of a three-way rig in 25 feet of water. Lake trout season is currently closed so it was released unharmed to fight another day. It was caught on 10 pound test line. Had they been using 8 pound test line, it would have been a catch-and-release line class record! Steelhead and lake trout were both hitting in the river, as well, with golden shiners and Kwikfish the top two enticements to get fish to hit from boats.  Boat action seemed to be shut down during the week because of the stained water, but the weekend looks good for water to clear a bit – if the high winds on Thursday do not pose a problem. The hot spot from shore was Artpark, but getting down there is a bit tricky since they removed the stairs from there this week – be forewarned! Greg Stanley of All in the Same Boat Tackle Show in Newfane reports he did extremely well in a short amount of time there using white colored egg-pattern flies. Joe Yaeger of Amherst and Paul Yaeger of Grand Island worked trout beads to take a pile of fish. Joe managed to catch six lakers while Paul did better close to where the old stairs were on steelhead and browns. Bass and perch fishing should improve as the waters clear. Musky season in the lower river extends through Dec. 15. The regular bass season ends on Nov. 30, but the catch and release season takes over.

3.       Upper Niagara River – Not much fishing from boats this week because of the off-color condition of the water. More wind was in the forecast on Thursday, from the southwest. With musky season closing on Nov. 30 (as well as the regular bass season), if the waters clear enough you’ll want to be on the water taking advantage of the situation. This is crunch time for musky fishermen. If you prefer live bait, large common shiners are one bait of choice. Artificial baits are large tubes or large body baits. With the poor water clarity, trout fishing was all but shut down for most. That should improve again this weekend if the winds aren’t too bad. Last weekend’s report was just prior to some strong winds arriving, messing up the fishing for some. Some panfish action was being reported from some of the traditional shore fishing spots up towards Buffalo.

Bill Hilts, Jr. – Outdoor Sports Specialist
Niagara Tourism & Convention Corporation

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