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Lake Calumet and Calumet River Report by Don Dziedzina

Roger Wright of the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show pro staff and I got to fish the lake and river earlier this week.  Water conditions looked good.  It was relatively clear and surface temps were at 50 – 52 degrees.  Winds were mild and everything looked right for crappie fishing.

Usually at this time of year the crappies are on vertical structure like the barge pilings.  On this day they were not.  We did however get a lot of bass up to nearly 18 inches and bluegills up to about 9 inches.  All of our fish were caught on light action rods with spinning gears and light line, 4 – 6 lb test.  We fished with both floats and straight lining jigs with crappie minnows on the end of the line.

It was a fun day catching a lot of fish, but unfortunately, no crappies on this trip.

We also tried the backs ends of some shipping channels to see if any salmon would take a crankbait but that was a bust.  Still good to get out.

BIG BUCK taken in the northwoods of Wisconsin by Don Dziedzina

Jeff Novak of the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show pro staff send over a couple photos of a big buck that was taken last week.  Details are to follow but I’d like to share the photos now.  The info received so far came from Steve Callahan who says that it’s his buddy Marty got this deer on October 28 from public land between Eagle River and St. Germain, Wisconsin.    More details to follow but for now, these are pictures worth a thousand words.

Bowfishing update for Shabbona Lake by Ed DeVries

Hey Don!  Just wanted to let you know that the bowfishing regulations have been changed at Shabbona recently. Instead of the May/June season, bowfishing will now be allowed year round.

As you know Shabbona is a great lake for those who have small boats or canoes and cannot bowfish the rivers. Northern Illinois really lacks this kind of water for the bowfisher, so the Bowfishing Association of Illinois lobbied the IDNR to make these changes over the past year. We have a great DNR that is very supportive to bowfishing and all outdoor sports and they worked hard to change the ad rule to allow this.

Anyway, thought your readers might like to know.

Ed DeVries
President Bowfishing Association of Illinois

South Suburban ponds report by Ken HUSKER O’Malley

Don, Area lakes are producing good numbers of bluegills. Ice jigs tipped with wax worms under a slip float have produced on sunny days midday along the inside weed lines. Good time to take the kids with since its the warmest part of the day. They don’t want to stay out long though, trust me. Bass have been very slow. X-raps fished as slow as possible have caught a few on the wind blow sides along the outer weed line. Have to really work for them if not using live bait.  TTYLHusker Outdoors
Water Werks Fishing Team

Lake Shelbyville Report Steve Welch

With several nights in a row of 29-32 degree temps the bait has left the shallows and the crappie followed. So I put in the three person seat on the front of my Yar-Craft and got out the jig poles and started fishing 10-15 feet deep. The water temps are now about 51-56 and the lake appears to have completed the turn over. Saturday we had our three person limit of 45 before 11:00 fishing deep and it has been three weeks since we fished deep so I was happy.I am fishing both ends of the lake right now. North end about ten-fifteen feet of water and south end fifteen to twenty feet of water on brush and down trees. I am tight lining my 1/4oz. Deep Ledge Jigs with a Midsouth tube in white or chartreuse. We are moving quickly from spot to spot because you catch the fish over ten-inches right away and you can stay all day and pull small fish. Even with moving every ten minutes we are still catching over a hundred a day.The pics are of Bill Carpenter, Bill Miksell and his son Joe with a huge stringer of crappie caught on 10/21

Steve Welch

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