Still time for morels

This spring is definitely one for the books — record high and low temps as well as record rainfalls. With spring coming late, all plants were about 2 weeks late to bloom, including the morels. We found a good bunch in Southern Illinois during the third week of turkey season, right around April 20th.

The abundance of rain has really helped the morels . If the weather had stayed consistently warm, we really would have had a record year in my opinion. But we still did pretty good.

We found a few big yellow morels this past Sunday. And last night’s rain was a huge help. So I think they will be poppin for a few more days yet.  After that, morel lovers will have to wait another 11 months.

If you have time, get out and hit the woods. These 70-80 degree days may give us one more burst. We’ve had good luck this year in strip mine country, usually where giant cottonwoods are growing.

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