Outdoor Woman's Workshop

Just over a week ago I participated in the Outdoor Woman’s Workshop as an instructor.   The event was held at the Starved Rock Lodge in the Starved Rock State Park near Utica.  It was a fun event to be involved with.

There were quite a few ladies there wanting to learn about some outdoor activities that just may not have been able to be exposed to on their own.   Workshops included archery, basic fishing, wildflower floral arranging, backpacking, garden mosaics, geological walk of Starved Rock State Park, basic horsemanship, native tools & plants, photography, outdoor cooking, principles of fire making, medicinal plants, women with power tools, edible plants, basket weaving, and more.

For me, I got to talk about fishing.  And with that, I showed the ladies how to clean a fish, let them have a try at it, then I cooked the fish for them, showing a couple of simple recipes.  They got to see how easy it is and actually, I think they all enjoyed jumping in to try it themselves.

Through the kindness of  Berkley Fishing, the ladies were all supplied with pair of pink Fish Gripper gloves and a brand new filleting knife.  This made my job so much easier and the loved the gifts.

I brought a cooler full of crappies that I caught.  We cleaned them up and were cooked up in two ways.  One was the traditional battered fish using Shore Lunch.  Then I simply sprinkled some seasoning on the fillets that I got from Coghlans, a camping supply company.  I sauteed the fish in butter then added the fish seasoning like adding salt.  It was that simple and it was the one they enjoyed the most.

I have a handful of photos to share from the event.  Events like this as well as many others are hosted at the Starved Rock Lodge so to learn about them all, visit their website at www.StarvedRockLodge.com.  Enjoy the photos

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