Outdoor Woman's Workshop

Outdoor Woman's Workshop

Women in the outdoors is getting more and more popular every day.  It’s a good thing.  Being involved in the outdoors brings so much enjoyment to me as it does to other men who enjoy fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities.  Why not share that passion with your wife or girlfriend?

The Starved Rock Lodge is hosting a Outdoor Woman’s Workshop on May 17 to 19.   I have been honored to be asked to help out with this event.  On Saturday, May 18 I’ll be hosting two Fishing, Cleaning, and Cooking seminars.  The session will be about 2 and a half hours long and will be hands-on.

During my presentation participants will be taught about the basics of fishing.  It will be a crash course on how to catch fish.  Although we won’t actually go fishing, you should walk away with enough knowledge on how to catch a fish, lure selection, and picking a good spot to catch fish to make your day on the water a success.  From there we’ll get into cleaning the catch.  I’ll have fresh, whole,  and uncleaned fish available for each participant to try their own hand at getting a boneless fillet.   We’ll wrap it up with the firing up a camp stove and cooking the fish.   My promise to you is that you’ll enjoy this session and want to go fishing to try this all on your own real soon.

See the poster here in the blog for information on the Outdoor Woman’s Workshop.   I know you’ll have many sessions to choose from but I hope you’ll be in my audience because it’s my plan that we’ll have some fun.

Final note:   I will supply the fish and I’ll wash all the dishes after it’s all over.  This will be your day ladies.

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