Lake Shelbyville Report

I just received a nice fishing report from Steve Welch who guides on Lake Shelbyville.   It’s good to get a report from someone who tells it like it is.  I agree with Steve, we’re experiencing a rough start this spring but this will all pass and warm weather will arrive.

Here’s Steve’  report…

Mother nature sure hasn’t been kind to us yet this season.  Surface temps we currently have are running from 41-46 depending which end of the lake you are on. Water color is gin clear everywhere even though we got 13″ of snow just 4 days ago.

I am crappie fishing mid lake to the south end on points and entrances to coves that will soon be spawning coves. Each point that has deep stumps on it in the 20ft. range will have a few big crappie and bass on it. I am fishing my 1/4oz. Deep Ledge Jig with a glow bait. It looks like a three-inch shad and color is about the same. These baits have a lot more glow in them than any baits I have seen thus far and are bulkier to make them look more like a shad.

I am also using entrances to coves that have either down trees or standing trees and using my side scan to locate huge schools of crappie staging up to move into the coves to spawn. We are sorting through over a hundred crappie a day to get a nice mess. The big fish are mixed in with the smaller fish.

Some anglers are getting them on corks around standing timber especially late in the day on sunny days. Sun is a must or these fish won’t suspend up high in the water column.

The lake is very low so the north end hasn’t really turned on yet with all it’s shallow water. I will be on the south end for at least two more


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