Illinois Outdoors reviews Honda's new BIG RED 4 X 4

While I was up in Boulder Junction Wisconsin, I had the opportunity to test drive a new Honda BIG RED 4 x 4 ATV.

Actually, as I read up on the vehicle, I found that they call the Big Red a MUV or a multipurpose utility vehicle.   I think they hit the nail on the head.

I used the MUV in the snow, ice, and on some hills just outside of town and by putting the vehicle into 4 wheel drive, there was no holding it back.  It handled snow and ice with no problem at all.  This vehicle was made to climb hills.

The Big Red has a 675cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected engine, excellent load-carrying and towing capacities, sophisticated suspension, comfortable bench seat and even has what’s called Roll Over Protection Structure for a safe ride.  In very cold weather it was easy to start with a turn of the key.

In that this is a side by side MUV, there’s plenty of room on the bench seat for two adults.

The vehicle as a 75 inch wheel base so you can make some tight turns when you’re in a pinch.  But with the vehicle in 4 wheel drive, it seems to need a little more space to make a tight turn.  I really didn’t see this as a problem at all.  It’s my understanding that that’s quite normal for SUVs.

Ground clearance is a tad over 10 inches so it’s really easy to get in and out of the cab and navigating some rough terrain.  Like any SUV, in deep piles of snow it doesn’t glide over the mounds like a snowmobile.  That’s understandable.   I just found that by selecting my own path it was still easy to get around just fine.

The Big Red 4 X 4 was a fun vehicle to drive.  I can see that it can serve many purposes for outdoorsmen or women when it comes to fishing, hunting, or simply enjoying a ride in the woods or across a frozen lake.

I had the opportunity to use the vehicle in wintery conditions.  Maybe I’ll get a chance to try it again during the summer months and hit some of the ATV trails up here in Northern Wisconsin.

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