Fun on the ice at Boulder Lake

Yes, it was a day of fun on the ice at Boulder Lake in Boulder Junction Wisconsin.

I’ve been waiting a long time to head north and enjoy some time on the ice.   But when I learned that the Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce was hosting the Frozen Tozen event, I couldn’t resist checking it out to see all of what was going on.

Frozen Tozen is a winter fest in Boulder Junction.   They offered turkey bowling.  Yes, you guessed it, they used frozen turkeys to bowl down regulation pins that were set up on the ice.  But for the kids, they had big frozen whole chickens.

There was ice golf (4 holes) and a contest for the longest drive.  There were no golf balls.  Rather, they used tennis balls.  You’d be surprised to see how hard it is to hit a tennis ball, let alone get some distance.

There was a big tug of war on the ice, ice skating, and the main event was the ice fishing derby.

All of the proceeds from this event go to the Community Food Pantry and the Boulder Junction Boat Landing Improvement Fund.  With 194 lakes, all within 10 miles of town, I’m sure you can imagine that there are many boat ramps that need to be maintained.

My wife Judy and I spent the day at Frozen Tozen.  We enjoyed some hot chili at the concession stand and I got to tour the fishing scene to get some video of the guys ice fishing.   From what I saw, it was pike and perch that dominated the catch.   The ice was thick, about 20 inches.  And there was plenty of snow.  The snowmobilers where having a ball all over in Boulder Junction.   I think that while we were up there for the week we saw about 8 to 10 inches of snow fall.

I took quite a few photos and am sharing them with you in this gallery.

It’s never to late to make plans for your next winter vacation in the Northwoods.  For information about visiting Boulder Junction during any of the four seasons, visit the Musky Capital of the World’s website at or give them a call at 1-800-Go-Musky.


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