Do-it-yourself Venison Sticks

Let’s face it, venison sticks are the epitome of wild game snacks. I don’t know many people that don’t love them. The folks at Hi Mountain have a kit that can help anyone make their own sticks for a fraction of the price of going to the butcher. I’ve been grinding my own venison burger for years, so this process was an easy “next step”. Each kit comes with  seasonings, curing agent and the skins. All you need is the ground meat and a sausage stuffer. Once the meat is ground, the entire process (except the cooking) takes about a half hour. After the links are stuffed, cook at 200 degrees for about 2 hours until the internal temp is 165. We used the Hunters Blend which created the perfect taste of hickory, pepper, garlic with just a little kick. We made our first batch with deer and our second batch with ground duck breast, mixing in about 25% pork butts to each batch.  Hi Mountain  Seasonings offers an entire line of both snack stick and jerky seasonings. For more information or to buy these awesome kits go to

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