Ice at Neilsen's Channel?

Marcy at Hermann’s Lowlife Bar and Grill sent me a new ice report on Nielsen’s Channel in Port Barrington.  Hermann’s provides parking for ice anglers who want to fish the channel and offer some great chili at their bar.   Nielsen’s Channel is one of the first spots to freeze up and officer a place for ice anglers to fish.  Best bite is always at first ice.

Marcy said that the front and back channels both have a little over an inch of ice.  But with one hit with a spud bar, it easily broke through. Ice is not safe yet but it won’t be long.   Marcy says, “Ask Santa for cold temperatures!”

A look at the local forcast shows Highs and Lows to be  33/21 for today, Tuesday 32/27, Wed 31/23, Thursday 29/22, Friday 31/23, Saturday 28/17 .  I think the ice is coming soon.

Remember this everyone, 4 inches of ice is considered safe.  Some anglers go when its less than that and many anglers fall through the ice at this time of year.  Ice pics, cleats, a PFD are all good things to have.  Never venture out alone.  Go with a friend but don’t walk side by side, spread out a little.   Bring a throwable boat cushion tied to a rope to help someone if they go through the ice.  If soneone near you goes thorugh the ice, get yourself in a prone position to disburse your weight.  Don’t be afraid to YELL for help and don’t panic.

Be safe out there.

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