Breakfast in the Goose Pit

It’s goose hunting time and with that comes a great breakfast in the goose pit.

I enjoy goose hunting.  When the action is on it’s really on.  And when it’s a little slow, it’s a good time to talk with you hunting buddies and solve the problems of the world.  But what’s best is a hot breakfast cooked in the outdoors on a cold morning.

On a recent hunt with Jim DaRosa of the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show and good friend Rich Partak, Jim and I were treated to a fantastic breakfast.   Rich brought to the pit some eggs, thick cut bacon, and a bag of Jimmy Dean’s Skillet Potatoes.

Since our objective was to tape an goose hunting TV show for Illinois Outdoors while we waited for the birds to arrive, Rich fired up our two burner stove and got the skillet heated up.

We taped Rich as he made our breakfast for part of the show.  I think you’ll agree after seeing this video that  nothing beats a hot breakfast in the goose pit.

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