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Breakfast in the Goose Pit

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It’s goose hunting time and with that comes a great breakfast in the goose pit. I enjoy goose hunting.  When the action is on it’s really on.  And when it’s a little slow, it’s a good time to talk with you hunting buddies and solve the problems of the world.  But what’s best is a... Read more »

Holiday Buck from the Northwoods

You’ve probably seen quite a few articles and photos from the Boulder Junction area that I’ve posted.  So many of them come from the fishing side of the outdoors.  I’ve not done many on hunting, but I just received a few photos that I’d like to share with you. Scott Buechel got out deer hunting... Read more »

Better late than never, the geese are finally here

Even though we were hunting pressured birds, Mike Brenczewski's calling had birds coming into the spread with the landing gear down!
After a slow start to goose season due to warm temperatures, recent winter storms have finally pushed a lot of migratory Canada Geese south into Illinois. With plenty of open water and food available up North, the birds have not had any reason to come our way, until now. According to my buddy Mike Brenczewski,... Read more »

Neilsen's Channel ice report

Marcy from Hermann’s Lowlife Bar and Grill sent a new report on the ice at Neilsen’s Channel.   Still a bit too thin for me. “We have 2 and a half inches of ice.” Marcy said.   “Ten cars are here, they are all fishing out in front. I think they are nuts! ” Marcy wants... Read more »

Ice at Neilsen's Channel?

Marcy at Hermann’s Lowlife Bar and Grill sent me a new ice report on Nielsen’s Channel in Port Barrington.  Hermann’s provides parking for ice anglers who want to fish the channel and offer some great chili at their bar.   Nielsen’s Channel is one of the first spots to freeze up and officer a place for... Read more »

News from the Northwoods

News from the Northwoods
At the beginning of this weekend, we had a blast of snow that hit Chicago.  It was not as bad as all the TV weathermen reported.  In the south suburbs where I’m from, the snow never accumulated on the streets or driveways.  North up to the Wisconsin border it progressively showed signs of more snow... Read more »

Shed collecting pays dividends

Shed collecting pays dividends
Collecting shed antlers has become more than a pastime while walking in the woods.  For the hunter/naturalist it is a chance to learn about the deer and their habits.  For southern Illinois nature lovers and hunters, shed collecting is becoming a popular winter sport. Deer grow their antlers beginning within a day or two after... Read more »

Pheasant Hunting at Rooster Heaven

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Last week I taped an Illinois Outdoors TV show, hunting for pheasant at the Rooster Heaven Hunt Club in Forrest, Illinois. Hunting with me is Chuck Horvath and joining us to tell us about Rothe club is Rooster Heaven’s manager Terry Cope. Great grounds to hunt.  Enjoy the video.

NRA makes statement regarding Newton murders

The National Rifle Association has made a brief statement regarding the murders in Newton. I agree with them in that this is no time to respond without having all the facts.  Here’s what they said… NRA Statement The National Rifle Association of America is made up of four million moms and dads, sons and daughters... Read more »

Chase winter blues with some fun up North

Due to current weather conditions and the forecast for the near future at Boulder Junction’s Winter Park, it has been decided to CANCEL the (Between the Holidays) Winter Celebration on December 29. Weather conditions have not allowed for flooding of the ice skating rink yet and we are running out days to prepare it for... Read more »