Shelbyville Fishing Report

We have experienced some cold nights and the water temps reflect that. They have dropped from 78 to 68 and the surface of the main lake looks to be turning over. However I am still getting my three man limit on crappie every day.It is the white bass that have slowed for me. My deep ledge spots are deserted and the shallow spots on the big flats still don’t have and even on very windy days.  It won’t be long that they will be shallow I am already seeing the bait up on the flats at daylight so they will find them soon.

For the crappie I am still doing what I have been for five months. Driving along deep shore lines and looking at down trees on my Lowrance HDS side imaging. If I see fish I stop and we have been very successful doing this. My clients love the technology. We then set up slip bobbers and drift minnows over these trees. Today we caught a five-pound bass in with the crappie so with this system you will catch just about anything. I had 17 lbs of bass on Thursday and 13 on Friday when the Elite Series boys were fishing Shelbyville while we were crappie fishing. Kind of funny and I know you can’t use minnows in a bass tourney but they sure like them.

Pic. 1  is of Bill Kulschbach and Dennis Skillestad holding a huge stringer of crappie and white bass caught Sept. 16th.

Pic. 2 is of Steve Welch holding a nice 14 1/2 inch crappie caught on Shelbyville caught on Sept. 18th

Steve Welch, Crappie Specialties

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