Oak Lawn High School Bass Fishing

Just recevied an email from Coach Kuchyt from Oak Lawn High School’s fishing team.  I’d like to share what he sent over.

Reading this there’s no doubt that High School Fishing is big…. and good.

Don, Here’s a copy of our fall team newsletter.  We helped Walleye Chicago with their “take a vet fishing” event.  You’ll see the story in the newsletter.    Thanks again, Chris


After a long, hot, and dry summer, the members of the Spartan Fishing Team are eager to get back on the water from some fantastic fall fishing.  On October 13, we are hosting one of the largest fall high school bass tournaments in the state!  You can learn more about he tournament by seeing our newsletter.

Page three of our newsletter features an article written by Jon Metelski about a few team members who volunteered their time to help Walleyes Chicago take veterans out fishing.  It is a story you do not want to miss!

In other news, page ten features information on the IHSA Bass Advisory Committee and what was discussed at the September 2012 meeting.  Also on that page, you will find the “Recipe of the Month” which is a delicious recipe for maple salmon.

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