What's a Cast N Blast Breakout Afternoon?

My wife asked that question of me.

Well, it’s simple.  The Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers (AGLOW) has an annual Mega Media Cast N Blast event at a new destination each  year.  This year we went to Lewiston, New York.  Lewiston lies on the banks of the Lower Niagara River, about 10 minutes or so from Niagara Falls.

Anyhow….  The breakout afternoon is where a number of AGLOW corporate sponsors come out to show outdoor writers and communicators what they have to offer people who love to hunt and fish.

This breakout afternoon was held in front of the Barton Hill Hotel and Spa in Lewiston.  There was some pretty neat stuff on display and with that came many story ideas for the writers.

Check out the photos and enjoy.  For more information about the Lewiston NY area, visit www.Niagara-USA.com



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