Illinois Outdoors Reviews 2012 GMC Acadia

I’m pretty lucky that I get to review a variety of GM vehicles.  This last week I took a GMC Acadia on a test ride and can gladly say that I really liked it.

What surprised me the most about this vehicle is that some may consider it a small SUV.  But once inside, there’s nothing small about this big boy.

It’s a 7 passenger SUV with bucket seats up front, captains chairs in the second row and a split bench seat in the back.  The middle two seats fold down as do the bench seats in back.  This gives an avid outdoorsman or woman a lot of cargo room to carry all sorts of gear.

On the trip that I took with this vehicle I took along several 7 foot long fishing  rods.  The cargo space in the back was ample enough so that the rods fit straight front to back without extending into the driver’s seat area or laying them on other items at an angle across the cargo area.

There was plenty of room for luggage, camera bags, and tackle boxes.  I really loaded up this SUV and it had room to spare.

Gas mileage with the Acadia was very good with it getting over 20 miles to a gallon on the road.   And it was a joy to drive a vehicle with a touch screen navigation system, AM/FM/CD player with XM radio and a premium Bose sound system.  If I was taking kids along, they would have enjoyed the DVD player built into the roof of the vehicle.

I’ll give the GMC Acadia an excellant rating.  If you would like to learn more about the Acadia and other fine GMC vehicles, visit their site at



GMC is a corporate sponsor of the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers of which Don Dziedzina is a member.

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