Shabbona is Going For The State Of Illinois Walleye Record

This going to be a tough nut to crack but certainly is quite doable.   It’s the right time of year for catching a new state record and Shabbona Lake, a body of water that has given up other state record fish, can put this one on the board.

The invitation is to be at Shabbona Lake this weekend.   Shabbona’s Lakeside is having a “Going For The State Of Illinois Walleye Record Weekend”. During the weekend of Friday April 20th , Saturday April 21st & Sunday April 22nd, 2012, from the hours of 6 AM – 9:30 PM, the hunt for a new State Record Walleye will be on at Shabbona Lake.

Lakeside is offering a prize of a new 9.9 HP 4 stroke electric start long shaft Yamaha outboard engine valued at $2,800. for the first verified new State Record Walleye caught at Shabbona Lake during the weekend of April 20 – 22. (Only 1 prize will be awarded)

“We are excited about this event, as we try to bring the Illinois State Walleye Record to Shabbona Lake.” Sands said.   “Shabbona Lake has had 4 State Of Illinois Record Muskie and 2 State Record Hybrid Crappie in its legacy. Over the years the IDNR Biologist have recorded State Record size Walleye in their annual April sampling of Shabbona Lake.”  This could be the year of the Walleye not only in the State of Illinois, but also at Shabbona.

As we all know, there was a new Illinois State Record Walleye caught this year by Nick Tassoni of Rockford on January 7th, 2012, in the Pecatonica River in Winnebago County, North of Rockford. The fish weighed in at 14 pounds, 12 ounces and was 31 inches in length with a girth of 20.25 inches. Nick Tassoni’s fish topped the previous state-record walleye, a 14 pounder caught on the Kankakee River in 1961. This had added to our anticipation, that this is the year!

Then a second time the state record was established this year.

On Sunday, March 11, James Zimmerman of Beloit, Wisconsin caught a 15.08 pound walleye on the Pecatonica River in Winnebago County. The fish was measured at 31 and 1/2 inches with a girth of 20 and 3/8 inches. IDNR Division of Fisheries Regional Administrator Dan Sallee certified the new record walleye on March 12.

The bar has been raised by Nick & James, but we are confident that several larger Walleye exist at Shabbona Lake.  During the weekend of April 20 – 22, large female Walleye at Shabbona Lake will be full of eggs, adding additional weight needed to break a State Record.

The New Record must be verified and weighed in at Lakeside’s certified scale. We encourage all participants to register at Lakeside Bait, Tackle & Boat Rental and donate $5.00 to our annual Walleye Restocking Fund, prior to going fishing.  There is no entry fee.  This is a pursuit of one Walleye to break the record.  Pokanoka’s Café, the on site Café at Shabbona Lake State Park, will be open Saturday and Sunday for its famous dollar days from 11AM to 4PM.

For more info visit [url][/url] or call Lakeside at 815-824-2581

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