Photos of what you can get with Meat

In this photo gallery I’m sharing with you a number of photos that were taken during the taping of a new TV show for Illinois Outdoors TV with one of my new sponsors, the Uncle Josh Bait Company.

I fished Newton Lake in central Illinois with Matt Bichanich from Uncle Josh.  The baits we used were from their new line called MEAT.

I got to see first hand that these baits really work well.  There are nightcrawlers, leeches, minnows, beaver baits, frogs and craws.

They’re somewhat like the pork rinds that we uses for years.  But these, as Matt said, are not your grandfather’s pork rinds.   These baits are made with the pork fat but not the skin.  There are also real juices from minnows and crawlers added in.

We fished a full day with these baits exclusively and as you can see from the photos, quite a few bass made it to the boat.

I’m anxious to try these baits on a couple trips I have coming up in Northern Wisconsin.  I’m confident that the walleyes will take a piece of the crawler on a jig.  The smallies will jump on the beaver and craw baits.  This will be a fun summer.

For more info on MEAT baits, visit the Uncle Josh website at

The TV show that was taped on Newton will be aired on  Comcast and Insight Cable on the Total Living Network, channels 67 and 138 at 8 am on Saturday, April 28.  Shortly after that it will be see on MediaCom cable on TV 17 Outdoors on Channel 17.

For more information on Illinois Outdoors TV, visit

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