Fishing Reports, North and South

Here are some reports that came in along with a few photos.

Lake Shelbyville
With the cold rains and low overnight temps the crappie spawn is still lingering on the north end but the south end being more stable water temps the crappie spawn is 75% done. We are still doing very well on shallow spawning crappie and for the most part we are using minnows under corks. We have been doing so well that we have been getting our three man limit in just a couple of hours so we have had time to look for white bass. With the strong winds we have had this week the white bass are stacked up against drops on big flats in just 3-5 feet of water. We cleaned 107 the other day after we got our crappie so I have had some happy clients this week.

The lake has risen two and half foot this month and still rising so this is getting crappie further up the reservoir and soon we will be in the creeks and a whole new batch of shallow fish will move in. So fear not the crappie fishing is still very good and will be for several weeks.

I am getting good reports on walleye on main lake points towards the south end using jigs and crawlers. We need more water on the north end but we will have it soon and our best walleye fishing will be late May on through the entire month of June.

The white bass will also improve dramatically as we near our first shad spawn. For that we need consistent water temps in the seventies.

I have enclosed pics of happy clients from this week.

Steve Welch

Heidecke Lake and the Chain
Hey Don,  Hit Heidecke the other day. Fishing was very slow overall considering how good the walleye bite was been lately. Water temps were 51 to 55 with decent visibility. I stayed on the south side the whole morning. I didn’t want to get stuck on the other side with the forecasted winds. Took a few friends out for the ride. We caught yellow bass, white bass, walleye, and crappie. The biggest eye was at 18 1/2. The bite completely shut down by late morning. The one thing that turned on were the NE winds. Brutal. We decided to get off by 12:30. Looking forward to getting back out there shortly.

I also hit the Chain during the week with Tony P. for muskie. Water temps varied from 52 to 55 depending on what lake you were on. We didn’t raise a fish the whole day. Fox Lake wasn’t fishable due to the high winds. The up and down temps have the muskie in a guessing game. Stage to spawn up shallow one day, move out the next. Stable temps will get these fish pairing up.

TTYL, Husker AKA Ken O’Malley

Boulder Junction Wisconsin Area
Well, to say this has been a crazy spring is a complete understatement!

The fish are more confused than we are, the water temps have been flip flopping rutinely.  So the perch which should have spawned weeks ago when the ice went out, well to date some have and some are still holding eggs.

The crappie have been moving in and out with the warm water changes.  The walleye spawn went off, but that was wierd also.  The opener for walleye should be good as long as you are willing to fish your late May or maybe early June patterns!!

Right now the fish are where you would find them then in 20 foot rocks, and wood!!  But this late after spawn they should be active and ready to eat.  So there, thats all I got for you…its really messed up.

Janie Harpster
Northern Highland Sports

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