Fishing reports from Ponds and Shelbyville

Husker wrote to me with a report from the south suburban ponds.  Here’s what he said…

Hey Don, I hit a local pond today that I was not able to fish during the hard water season. Using a lipless crankbait, I worked new emerging weeds and ripped the bait through them. When the bait would get hung up momentarily, I ripped the bait lose and those bass just crushed the bait. Some where on the inside weed line, while others were on the outside line. Good day since I wasn’t able to get the boat out due to those high winds.  HUSKER

Ken also added a couple photos.  Nice fish.

Then from a bit further south came a report from guide Steve Welch…

We have had almost two inches of rain in last forty eight hours and getting hammered again today. What this and the water temps dropping back to 59 is bring the spawn to a hault. The run off in the coves is muddying up the shore and this is where the crappie were wanting to spawn.

What the crappie have done is pull back to the points leading into mid lake coves and they are bunched up on down trees about fifteen feet down. Bunched up is the key word here and I am just tearing them up.  Yesterday we got close to six limits on 1/4oz. Deep Ledge Jigs and a Bass Pro Crystal Minnow. They wanted it swimming so we did a lot of
pendulum fishing through the branches or merely raising your rod three-feet and let it free fall back into the branches of the down tree.  We were fishing about fifteen feet deep in much deeper water since some of these tree branches are suspended in thirty foot of water or more.

This pattern should hold true all week until I see the water temps get back to 65 then I am back on shallow spawning males. Either way getting boats limit on every trip out. I am cork fishing for those and for the most part using minnows. I have about thirty straight days now limiting out so the crappie fishing is red hot.
Steve Welch

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