Fishing Reports from around Illinois

Ken O’Malley aka Husker sent over a report with a couple photos.

Hey Don,  I heard you are on another trip. Hope fishing is good.  I’ve been hitting local ponds after work and have been getting good numbers. During the rapid warmup, lipless crankbaits were producing average size bass by ripping them over emerging weeds. Now that the temps have come back down to normal and we are had cooler nights, slowing down has produced better size bass. Dragging creature baits and craw imitators texas rigged slowly on the bottom have worked best. Bluegill are very active taking any combination of gulp or live bait under a float. Take those kids out and they will have a blast.

The first pic is Lil’ Husker showing off his nice gill.  Second is what the average size of the bass have been.   HUSKER

Jim DaRosa of the Fishing and Outdoor Radio Show reports that fish are in the post spawn and considered fair even though he and others got five fish over 3 pounds yesterday.  They’re fishing Cedar Lake in in Southern Illinois.

Steve Welch sent a couple photos and a report too.

The lake is slowly rising. It has come up 3/4 of a foot since April first. That is helping bring in more crappie to spawn but the over night  temps are slowing progress. I still have some bedding spots that are producing some huge males in the pound plus range and they are pitch black. I am using a slip bobber and a plain aberdeen hook with a lively  big minnow and fishing it about thirty inches deep. Since the males have been up on nests for several weeks a big minnow works better than a jig.

Water temps rose to 66 and now thy are back to 60. Most fish have pulled  back on the north end but the mid lake deep fish are biting very well.   On days the wind is light I am fishing channel banks over tree tops and down trees. I am staying back and using a slip bobber with a big quarter ounce weight and a big minnow set at about fifteen feet over much deeper water.

So far this year I have done twenty-five guide trips and we have had our three man or four man limit on twenty-four with the one exception being a trolling motor breakdown that caused me to quit just seven fish shy.  So the crappie are numerous and biting very well. The spawn is far from over so get out there and catch some tasty crappie.

Here are a couple of pictures from the last week or so.  Pic 1: Bruce Stammer & his friend Bob with a 3-man limit of crappie that was caught  on 04/09/12.  Pic 2: Ron Guth and Brad Dimmitt with a 3-man limit of crappie and several white bass that were caught on 04/04/12.

Steve.    Website:

I spoke with Ted Love, site superentendant for Illini State Park and LaSalle Lake.

The lake is now open 7 days a week, 6:30 AM to sunset.  Closing times will be posted at the ramps.   Stripers and catfish are the catch of the day.  No reports of any really big fish.  Crowds have not been big at LaSalle Love told me.  It’s possible that with the warm spring, anglers have too many options for destinations to go to for fishing.

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